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Sportliget is getting renewed. That’s joyful news, as the park will look better than ever and we can play our favorite sport in a wonderful setting. Soon. However, while the renovation is underway, there are serous obstacles in front of disc golf lovers in the park, as there are lots of dug up or about … Read more

KPDG Mini League 2018/2 : Forehand round

This staurday was different from the others. A sudden cold wave turned to beautiful warm weather into some rainy, sad and grey day, with gusts of stormy wind all day long. It was a perfect time to practice forehands. 10 players set out to fight the wind, knowing that even in these conditions they can … Read more

KPDG Mini League 2018/1 : Putter Round

Keep Putting Disc Golf

Saturday we woke up to a beautiful morning. The birds sang, there was no rain, and it was just warm enough so that we were not cold in the Sportligetben, but still get acquainted with the morning dew while warming up. And then we arrived with our putters. 8 of us took on the fight … Read more

Sportliget Accidental International Tournament

One of the greatest things about disc golf is that you can regularly meet new interesting people. One of the ukrainian players, Sergey Abdurashidov let us know that on their way home from the European Championships, they would like to stop in Budapest and play a round if someone’s interested. Of course we applied at once. … Read more

Disc Golf holiday 2018/2 – Konopiste Open and Challenger

Translation coming soon…   Az idei disc golf szezonunk legjobban várt versenyéhez érkeztünk. Kedd reggel vettük az irányt Benesov, Csehország irányába ahol a Konopiste Open, az év első PDGA major versenye várta a világ legjobbjait és a Konpiste Challenger pedig az amatőr versenyzőket. A Challenger 157 versenyzőjével és az Open 143 indulójával ez volt a … Read more

Disc Golf holiday 2018/1 – Spa Hills

Translation coming soon…   2016 nyarán kezdtünk igazán közelről megismerkedni a disc golffal és az első igazi verseny amin részt vettem az az akkori Spa Hills volt. Verka ekkor még csak elkísért. Két dolgot akkor eldöntöttünk: ő is játszani fog, és erre a versenyre vissza fogunk járni. Így idén már hagyományként indultunk Július 6-án Pénteken … Read more

Budmerice Spring Fling report

Budmerice (Gidrafa), Slovakia In a beautiful park, in wonderful environment, the Pálffy-castle awaits. According to legends, it was built by János Pálffy after falling in love with a noble French woman. In order to win her heart, he built a castle based on French architecture, unfortunately by the time the castle was finished, she already … Read more

Mars Springs report

Varazdinske Toplice is the home of the Mars Springs tournament series every year. This mini series consists of 3 one-day tournaments in the beautiful hill and valley ridden park of the town during the end of winter and early spring. Last summer a huge storm did real serious damage to the park so the events … Read more