This staurday was different from the others. A sudden cold wave turned to beautiful warm weather into some rainy, sad and grey day, with gusts of stormy wind all day long.
It was a perfect time to practice forehands.

10 players set out to fight the wind, knowing that even in these conditions they can only use forehand shots, unless they are putting. This proved to be quite an obstacle after the putter round, especially with the wind playing tricks on the crew from time to time.

We overcame the hardships quite soon, and in the FPO division the first timer Nagy Anna finished with +62, Horváth Márta with +55 and Tóth Veronika with +27, while in the MPO division Christian Brocard ended up with +18, Kiss Péter with +9, and in the meantime Kazai Bálint threw a beautiful ACE to finish with +4.

Congratulations and thanks again to everyone!


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    • KPDG Mini League Putter Round
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    • KPDG Mini League Oops Round
123456789101112131415161718 Sum +/-
Par 433544333333443333 61
Bálint Kazai
633553434412554422 65 +4
Péter Kiss
743644454324434234 70 +9
Christian Brocard
633654544335655354 79 +18
Kiss Attila
734775555344645334 84 +23
Orosz Krisztián
544766544433655346 84 +23
Veronika Tóth
944755844343554347 88 +27
Darvas Márton
845767856455643553 96 +35
Horváth Márta
12559810866335884367 116 +55
Nagy Anna
997796968446875478 123 +62
Andrea Pátkai
191110101011958556997669 155 +94
Porhanda Zsolt
0 0
János Kazai
0 0
Tamás Kovács
0 0
Ádám Schwarcz
0 0
Csepeli Alíz
0 0
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