Saturday we woke up to a beautiful morning. The birds sang, there was no rain, and it was just warm enough so that we were not cold in the Sportligetben, but still get acquainted with the morning dew while warming up.

And then we arrived with our putters.

8 of us took on the fight and put the rest of our discs down. The slogan was simple: any disc the manufacturer designated as a putter can be used in the round. There were two flights with this amount of people so we went out there. It became obvious pretty early, that using only putters will not result in a huge point difference from our regular results in the end. There were only a handful of places where I missed the distance, but I believe these rounds to be absolutely useful from time to time, they can help a lot with our forms .

Everyone got used to it by the end,  in FPO division Andrea Pátkai got +38,  Alíz Csepeli +17 and Veronika Tóth ended the day with +7. In the MPO field Ádám Schwarz got +5, Péter Kiss +1 while only Bálint Kazai managed to get under PAR with -3.

Congratulations and thanks again to everyone!


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  • KPDG Mini League
    • KPDG Mini League Putter Round
    • KPDG Mini League Forehand Round
    • KPDG Mini League Oops Round
123456789101112131415161718 Sum +/-
Par 433544333333443333 61
Bálint Kazai
433443323224543423 58 -3
Péter Kiss
543553424223434333 62 +1
Ádám Schwarcz
433555444232444334 66 +5
Tamás Kovács
533654533332446233 67 +6
Veronika Tóth
543754544223543224 68 +7
Csepeli Alíz
943754433245454345 78 +17
Orosz Krisztián
855885645334654456 94 +33
Andrea Pátkai
864886745434664457 99 +38
Porhanda Zsolt
0 0
János Kazai
0 0
Christian Brocard
0 0
Nagy Anna
0 0
Darvas Márton
0 0
Horváth Márta
0 0
Kiss Attila
0 0
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