September’s here and we’ll start a new KPDG mini league with 3 stops on a fixed KPDG “A” layout.

We’ll play one round each for the 3 events and winners will be crowned in MPO and FPO divisions by adding up all 3 rounds’ scores.

KPDG Mini League Putter round Szeptember 8. – The rule is simple, the speed limit is 4, you can only use putters (e.g. Prodiscus Jokeri is OK, but Innova Mako, Roc, Discmania MD, MD2 are not).

KPDG Mini League Forehand round – September 22.  – Use only forehand shots for every drive and approach. You can putt as usual. (But please don’t just putt your way from the tee to the basket…)

KPDG Mini League Oops round – September 29. – Every player gets an “Ooops” opportunity on every hole, meaning they can rethrow one selected shot, and go from the one they choose.

Registration is free.

Detailed maps and tee positions can be found on the Courses page.

The KPDG Mini League is not an official PDGA league, there is no rating, but the rules and regulations as well as the etiquette of the PDGA is in effect.

Players meeting at 8:30 at basket 13, tee-off at 9:00.

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