Sportliget Accidental International Tournament

One of the greatest things about disc golf is that you can regularly meet new interesting people. One of the ukrainian players, Sergey Abdurashidov let us know that on their way home from the European Championships, they would like to stop in Budapest and play a round if someone’s interested.

Of course we applied at once.

We played a round with Attila and Verka, and by the end of it Krisztián arrived as well by the time we actually met Sergey and Alla Krupelnitskaya, the two ukrainian players at 10. What we didn’t know before is that they’ll have Sergei Sorochkin and Ivan Sartakov, two members of the russian delegation with them as well, and finally what nobody expected was to find two more finnish guys at the course right at that time, who would also like to play.

After quickly getting to know everyone we decided to aim for the A layout and do a one round competition and score it in Discgolfmetrix. It was definitely one of the most fun rounds I’ve had in Sportliget even though it was with quite a crowded 8 person flight.

We had a great time, thank you everyone again for being there, and let’s meet at the Budapest Open

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  • Sportliget Accidental International Tournament
123456789101112131415161718 Sum +/-
Par 435443333333443333 61
Ivan Sartakov
435434333232345443 62 +1
Petri Honkanen
536443333223553243 63 +2
Péter Kiss
444334343334444244 64 +3
Sergei Sorochkin
435533333334335335 64 +3
Serhii Abdurashidov
735432333233445433 64 +3
Veronika Tóth
534534243233654237 68 +7
Alla Krupelnytska
1148645564345775458 101 +40

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