Budmerice Spring Fling report

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Budmerice (Gidrafa), Slovakia

In a beautiful park, in wonderful environment, the Pálffy-castle awaits.

According to legends, it was built by János Pálffy after falling in love with a noble French woman. In order to win her heart, he built a castle based on French architecture, unfortunately by the time the castle was finished, she already fell for someone else.

However, we fell in love with the park of the castle. The organizers created a great course, 19 holes of wooded, open, long, short, elevated and tricky fairways with exciting and sometimes easy looking positions.

Vera and I (Péter) arrived considerably early on Friday, so we could practice in the overcast and windy weather. The course became one of our facvorites immediately. If you can throw 100 meters straight, it is quite simple. It wasn’t too hard for us either, but Budmerice can show challenges and hardships.

Saturday saw none of the overcast and wind of the day before, so we had to change our game a little, but we managed to get over that quite ok. I got +7 on the first 5 holes, which horrific, but it made me learn finally how much I need to warm up, because after that I managed to get the remaining 14 holes with 0, ending on +7. Vera had a similarly rough round ending with +11, while Bálint took -7 and János joining us with +9.

After a quick lunch we tried our best to concentrate more and fight. Vera got +12, in the quickly onset heat, I managed to get my head straight and enjoy the game, thus ending at +1, my best yet on a tournament of this caliber. Bálint felt the heat as well, “only” getting +4, while János fought hard and got to 0.

Then came the evening, dinner, rest, while János and Bálint showed us the card game titled “Royal goods” and it was great.

Sunday came, and with it the third round, the last one for mortals, so I tried to get my act together as best I could. Unfortunately after a few missed putts my putting confidence went out the window and I managed to miss 7 putts from less than 6 meters by the end of the round. Otherwise my game was on point and got a +3 for the round and took the 33rd place which I’m really happy with. János got a great +2, Bálint a magnificent -8 (!!) thus landing on the lead card for the finals. Vera played extraordinarily good and with confidence ended up with +3 and got to the finals on the 6th place.

I caddied for Vera in the finals, trying to help her. We had such a great time that with the second best result in the finals among the women, she jumped a spot to 5th place almost unnoticeably.

János took the 7. place of the Masters division and Bálint ended up in 5th place.

It was a great experience, let’s do it again next year. PDGA results. We summed it up in a video:


Photos: Michal Schwarz (http://www.michalschwarz.ephoto.sk/) & Péter Kiss
Videos: Barnabás Józsa & Péter Kiss
Music: Defences – Gravity Music provided by FlyingTunes (https://youtu.be/7ADlc_HWA0k)

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