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Varazdinske Toplice is the home of the Mars Springs tournament series every year. This mini series consists of 3 one-day tournaments in the beautiful hill and valley ridden park of the town during the end of winter and early spring. Last summer a huge storm did real serious damage to the park so the events were cancelled and whether or not the course i actually reachable was in jeopardy.

Thanks to the organizers hard work, they managed to get the course ready to play one one-day event on 31th March instead of the 3.

Vera and I (P├ęter) got there on Friday early to get to know the course again. Last time we played it was actually on the day of the mentioned storm and our game and our knowledge of the course changed a lot since then. We took our dogs with us for the practice round, which came in really and on the vertically challenging course: meaning our dogs could bring back our runaway discs! We got to play in perfect spring weather.

Our place for the night was Zlatne Gorice in Varazdin Breg, with the most beautiful view of the surrounding area, I can only recommend it.

And if Varazdin, then P’alapassion… Pancakes…

The weather changed a bit by the next day. It became a bit wet.

There were small rivers running and lakes forming in places where there were none of the sort before. Our plans went out the window as there were no tees where you could actually run-up, and sometimes, you even had to brace against a tree just to be able stand, otherwise we were just slipping in the mud. We managed to try where the end of the water resistance of our clothing was, and the absolutely waterproof clothes handled the amount of water we had perfectly, we only got soaked during the second round, and only had to play completely wet for the last hour.

It was a great experience to handle this obstacle successfuly as well. Disregarding the environment we almost managed to stick to our plans an dmanged to stand our ground on every hole, so Vera managed to march to 2. place, while I happily finished in 5th.

A short video summary:

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