It was a beatuiful Saturday on the 24th of February, when the 3rd and final day of the Frosty Hills series took place in Sveti Martin na Muri in Croatia. We were prepared for the cold and a few centimeters of snow from last time when we took off at dawn.

We were only off by a little.

By about 40 centimeters (16 inches) of snow.

It started out to be a fun thing, when we arrived to the course at 8 in the morning, we jumped around laughing in the knee deep snow, and were entertained when we couldn’t find our discs. This turned a little bit worrisome when we realized we actually lost one of János’s (Team KPDG) discs already, however Vera (Team KPDG) found it later.

In the first round Vera and I (Péter, Team KPDG and Team Ozone Discs) got to go together. The deep and sticky snow was a very new feeling in disc golf for us. On one hand it is beautiful, but on the other it makes walking and hiking extremely tiring. The throws are much harder to execute correctly and with proper momentum, because there are no fix, stable points to move. The organizers cleaned the tees as best as they could but they remained snowy and slippery and really small. We felt the need for and used spotters on almost every shot – people who went to the intended landing zone, and after each shot, they went to the disc and got it out from under the snow. Still on some longer throws we had to look for our discs for more than a few minutes, as they can duck under the snow quickly and can travel meters under there, unseen. By the end of the round Vera got +12, János +10, Bálint (Team KPDG) and I got +7. While none of use were happy with their result, our competitors didn’t do much better either, moreover Vera and I still managed to get above our PDGA ratings.

After the round we quickly tried to get some dry clothes on, and get a little warmed up during lunch, so we can attack the next round with some energy. There was a little debate on the second round’s format, as the first round took so long, some doubted that we could finish the second round during daylight. The majority decided to go for it in the end, and it turned out to be just fine, we were all able to finish before it got too dark.

In the second round Bálint and I got together and had great atmosphere throughout the round. It was maybe even more tiring than the first round, however in the end we bith got +4, so we will still have to battle it out among ourselves on the Sportliget course… 🙂

Vera ended the round with +13, and János with +8, that ended up to be above their respective ratings, while I managed to get over 900 again, so after all the mistakes and hardships I was really happy!

Soon thereafter came the surprise of the day: Bálint and I got into a 4-way tie for 3rd place at the tournament! My first podium finish felt awesome, I was at least as happy as if I had won 🙂 Bálint also managed to get the 3rd place overall in the Frosty Hills Series as well!

Vera got 2nd place on the tournament and also finished at second place in the Frosty Hills Series overall!!! Wonderful achievement!

It was a wonderful and successful tournament, you can check out the numbers on the PDGA site.

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