Drava Forester report

November’s first weekend saw the  Drava Forester tournament in Varazdin, Croatia. 105 players came from 15 countries to this invitational competition and more than 20 for the Beer Forester friendly event running in parallel. We had the chance to enjoy the global top 10 players’ Simon Lizotte and Philo Brathwaite’s game.

Dinko Simenc, the tournament director and his team put together an amazing event in a wonderful environment with an interesting and challenging course with a ton of sideevents, parties in the evening, team building, etc.

Bálint, Verka and I traveled there Wednesday morning to get to know the course, which we definitely needed later. The name is no coincidence, one part of the course has the Drava river on the right and a canal on the other, and the rest is in a forest. 21 holes, full of hardship, two par 4s, one par 5, alltogether par 69.

Wednesday was just practice, trying several different approaches and thursday was the actual preparation and planning for the tournament, what to throw and where, playing the course once in the morning, and once more in the afternoon, meeting up with János by then. Verka was sick by this time, with a cold and sore throat.

Friday all four of us managed a “not bad” round as an opener. We left a lot on the course still to take, with a really fortunate beautiful weather. By Friday evening, Bálint and I started also getting sick – not helping our situation.

Saturday in the increasingly heavy winds, János and Bálint managed to get the same as on Friday, Verka and I could not really succeed. In the evening we went for the team building, had a lot of fun and played a lot of games all while Bálint getting even sicker.

We all managed to get ourselves together for Sunday, Verka scored wonderfully and got her best round, and I also managed to get a better score than Saturday. János managed to get the same score a third time. Bálint however got his best score on the tournament, getting the 2nd best score of the round in the tournament, even getting ahead Simon Lizotte and Philo Brathwaite in that round and jumping forward to the 14th place and becoming the most successful Hungarian player at the tournament!

This was my most memorable tournament yet, I’d go there anytime again, and I can only recommend it to anyone!

A couple of pictures:

A lot of other pictures:

From János Kazai: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ePLQw3-Yxve_mpS40CZm3AhbMn7fNqs6

From Tena: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8uHhDcLQbItXAdh82

From me: https://kissp.client-gallery.com/#/drava-forester/


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