The 6th round of the Sportliget Disc Golf League with 9 players is now over.

We had luck with the weather, and played without rain, in huge winds. We modified the A layout to start on hole 6 which resulted in all the 3 groups staying together throughout the round, so we could watch each ther and have fun together.

Again,  Kazai Bálint defeated the wind with his result of -1, Kazai János finished with a +2 and Kiss Péter with +4.

In the FPO division Tóth Veronika both had  +10,  in the women’s beginner division (FA1) Pátkai Andrea finished with +49.

Detailed result can be found on Discgolmetrix and the League’s PDGA site.

The absolute category applies a handicap system to weigh the scores for each round. After the 6th round the standings look like this:

Név Divízió Pontszám
1 Kazai Bálint MPO 600
2 Kiss Péter MPO 461
3 Kazai János MPO 459
4 Tóth Veronika FPO 413
5 Pátkai Andrea FA1 318
6 Christian Brocard MPO 316
7 Joe Cross MPO 285
8 Balla Péter MPO 235
9 Horváth Márta FA1 158
10 Csepeli Aliz FPO 134
11 Hatvani Róbert MPO 133
12 Jesztl József MPO 69
13 Vesely Dávid MA1 57
14 Dajka Dávid MA1 52
13 Barcsa Bianka FA1 50

Check out the pictures:

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