Sportliget Disc Golf League 2. round

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The 2. round of the Sportliget Disc Golf League with 11 players is now over.

It was a great and fun event. We palyed the B layout of the League which is a shorter, firendlier, but necessarily easier map.

Kazai Bálint came out on top again, matching his own course record of -15. He was followed by Peter Kiss with -6, and

In the amateur categories Dávid Dajka got +17 and Andrea Pátkai got +16.

Check out the detailed results on Discgolmetrix and on the League PDGA site.

The absolute category uses a handicap system to correct the results, and so far the standings are as follows:

Name Division Points
1 Kazai Bálint MPO 200
2 Kiss Péter MPO 170
3 Tóth Veronika FPO 139
4 Kazai János MPO 135
5 Christian Brocard MPO 123
6 Balla Péter MPO 121
7 Joe Cross MPO 117
8 Pátkai Andrea FA1 106
9 Jesztl József MPO 69
10 Dajka Dávid MA1 52
11 Barcsa Bianka FA1 50
12 Horváth Márta FA1 48

Check out the pictures:

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